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Frequently Asking Questions

How we work
First of all, let us know where you are, what you want to paint on and if you have your own sketch or not. You can easily complete all of those steps above through our estimative form on the our website. If you have only an idea we will be glad to assist you visualizing it and create a sketch which is based on your preferences. Sketch requires 20% of the project cost to be paid in advance. After you approve the sketch another 30% might be required depending on the overall project expenses that include materials, paint, and other supplies.
We will make exterior or interior custom paint design using different techniques and high quality materials. We will make your fantasy a visual reality.
About cost
Price is a very subjective thing in the Art world, because Art cannot be sold by slices or per pound. It always depends on a variety of factors, such as size, materials, level of detail, estimated and preferred production time and location. Feel free to get your free quote by filling out the estimation form on our website. Keep in mind that we can also simplify the art project based on your budget limits.
We don’t sell it, we create it
About sketching
Sketching is the most important first step before your project becomes a visual reality. A crucial part of successful sketching is your detailed explanation of what exactly you want to be painted. While we work on your sketch we can easily visualize entire project and show you how it will look, if you provide us with a few pictures of a place where it is going to be painted. 20% of the total project cost is required for us to come up with a sketch. Also sketching time is the best time to balance your desires with your available budget.
About traveling
Everything is possible in this world, especially, if it comes to traveling. We definitely can travel to your place to do the job. It could have some impact on the price, but it does not mean that the price will be higher than your local artist costs. Just get a quote through an estimative form.