Emphasizing the environment where people work and live is very important. Faux painting can definitely add something very special to any place by creating a calm and unique luxury atmosphere. The faux painting can feature a unique design tailored specifically to the customer needs and requirements, enabling a sense of comfort in newly created surroundings. Numerous happy customers have already transformed their environment into a special place, whether they live or work in it, use it for business, or spend some leisure time.

Faux painting

Why is faux painting needed?

‘Faux’ in French means ‘false’. So whenever faux is used with reference to painting, it describes a decorative appearance on walls or any other place in the form of marble, stones, or certain types of wood amongst others. Instead of empty and blank walls, people often prefer to add distinctive features to the internal or external environment. This is where faux painting comes into place. Also it helps to save some money instead of spending it on real expensive materials, such as marble, wood or stone. Clients may prefer to make certain parts of the wall presented in faux painting. Faux painting adds life to the environment where people work and live. Even a tiny part of an individual element in faux painting can make a substantial difference to people’s mood and feeling of the place.

Our professional approach to the organization of the work:

We have accomplished various missions and completed numerous projects by making faux paintings for our clients. The most crucial thing in making a faux painting is a distinct artistic approach. Attention to details and the ability to prepare the surface the right way is absolutely crucial because the durability of faux panting will heavily depend on these facts. We also use the highest quality materials that do not only last longer, but also look exceptionally good. Doing so makes surfaces that imitate sophisticated materials look realistic.


We also do the following:

  1. Hear from the client about what needs to be done;
  2. Look and assess the place where the faux painting has to be applied;
  3. Discuss the project details with the client;
  4. Create a sample;
  5. Add some special touches and take into account any comments from the client;
  6. Prepare for project implementation;
  7. Paint it!


We exhaust our efforts to make sure that the client receives maximum satisfaction and guaranteed quality. So, everything will have to be considered.

How long does it take to complete a project?

Completion of any project depends on its type and specific preferences of the client. If the surface that needs to be faux painted  is not of a  large scale and only a few square feet in size, then the project can take as long as one day to complete. If the surface is of a large scale and the design is complex, the project completion may take longer. We are happy to listen and consider preferences of our clients. We will be very pleased to take into consideration every comment and wish of people who we will work with in the future.